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    There are things you can’t fight, acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you’re in a Jaeger, suddenly, you can fight the hurricane. You can win

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    You mean to tell me that you would tear down everything my family built, everything you helped us build, risk your own life, on the off chance that I would show you the slightest bit of affection?

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  2. /post/93174638681 Where is this from please?

    Here you go: http://youtu.be/IzBrPMk6fHM

    That specific part happens at around 49 seconds.


    Modernized retro cartoon posters by Tom Whalen

    Pennsylvania-based illustrator Tom Whalen is Alamo Drafthouse’s go-to guy when it comes to contemporary movie posters of classic cartoons like ’30s Disney shorts, Looney Tunes and Peanuts. His style is fun, playful, and retro with a modern touch. Among his many subjects are Steamboat Willie, Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers, Dumbo, Pinocchio, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    His work is so consistently excellent and prolific that his limited edition screenprinted posters are highly sought after by serious animation fans as collectible items. You’d be extremely lucky to own one of his prints!

    You can check out more of his works at his official website, or head over to Mondo for an archive of his film posters.


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    The Dodgers walk off on Matt Kemp’s single in the 10th.

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